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Candle Holders Candles? Those are easy to find. But finding the right sconce or holder for your altar that will still fit the candles you like to use? That can be more tricky. Here you will find a wide assortment of candle holders, ranging from those that hold small tealight candle and large plates for pillar candles to classical chamberstick candle holders for chime candles and taper candles. If there is something in this category we do not have that you are looking for let us know we will see if we can find it and add it to our site. please bear with us as we are working on adding more to this site. Thank you for your understanding.
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Blue Ceramic Starry Chime candle holderBlue Ceramic Starry Chime candle holderThis small ceramic chime candle holder is a wonderful piece for your altar if you've ever starred up in wonder at the stars.
Blue Star Chime candle holderBlue Star Chime candle holderSculpted of thick, blue glass, these star shaped chime candle holders are beautiful accents to the sacred space as well as the home.
Brass Chamberstick Tapered holderBrass Chamberstick Tapered holderBrass Chamberstick Chime candle holder
Brass Taper and Pillar candle holderBrass Taper and Pillar candle holderResembling the traditional brass candle holders of ages past, these brass fixtures feature a unique design allowing them to hold both regular tapers and small pillar candles.
Brass Taper Candle HolderBrass Taper Candle HolderThis elegant brass taper candle holder has been crafted in the classical design, with a wide base and a narrow top for holding your candles.
Fairy Chime Candle HolderFairy Chime Candle HolderSculpted into the likeness of a fairy walking among flowers this chime candle holder is a great decoration for the altar or home.
Glass Star Chime Candle HolderGlass Star Chime Candle HolderThis glass star shaped chime candle holder is a beautiful ornament for the sacred space. Made of thick glass, they catch the flickering light of your candle and provide a perfect accent to your candle magic.
Mouse and Pentagram Cauldron Tealight HoldersMouse and Pentagram Cauldron Tealight HoldersThis whimsical little set comes with two candle holders, both shaped into aged cauldrons with leafy vines growing up over their expanse to shelter the tiny forms of adorable mouse inhabitants.
Natural Salt Tealight HolderNatural Salt Tealight HolderCarved of Himalayan rock salt, this beautiful natural tealight holder portrays the beautiful natural pink coloring of Himalayan rock salt, which will light up with the warm glow of your tealight candle
Shooting Star Chime Candle HolderShooting Star Chime Candle HolderShaped into a shooting star, this pewter candle holder is the perfect size for chime candles
Soapstone Pentagram Votive Candle HolderSoapstone Pentagram Votive Candle HolderPierced by decorative cut outs depicting pentagrams on its sides, this soapstone votive holder is an elegant piece for the altar or home.
Universal Fluted Glass Candle HolderUniversal Fluted Glass Candle HolderSculpted of fluted glass, this candle holder's raised pedestal design is both beautiful and versatile candle holder, capable of fitting votive candles, taper candles, and pillar candle styles.
White Ceramic Chime candle holderWhite Ceramic Chime candle holderSimple, elegant, and easily fitting anywhere in the home or upon the altar, these white ceramic chime candle holders are must haves for anyone who practices candle magic.
Yule Chime candle holderYule Chime candle holderThis beautiful chime candle holder is intended to give your Yule or winter holiday season a little more cheer, featuring interchangeable top-pieces that can be Angels, a Clown, or a Horse.
Zodiac Chime candle holderZodiac Chime candle holderDisplaying the signs of the zodiac, this chime candle holder is a wonderful way to celebrate these celestial powers.

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