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Spell Oils, and Spell Supplies Our selection of oils contains everything from Essential oils, essence oil blends, and Pure Anointing oils, providing you with all that you might need to work your ritual crafts or simply create a pleasantly scented atmosphere within your home or ritual space. Our pure essential oils are made with outstanding quality and attention to detail. Due to the strength of our essential oils, they are for external use only. Essential Oils bring you the highest quality oils to scent your home and bring energy and fragrance into your magical practice. These oils are the purest we offer, having been derived from the plant or resin from for which it is named and added to as little carrier oil as possible so as to provide you with the best product we are able. Without question, the energy and fragrance these oils is absolutely wonderful when they are used to anoint candles, talismans, seals, and other such magical tools or heated in your oil diffuser. If there is something in this category we do not have that you are looking for let us know we will see if we can find it and add it to our site. please bear with us as we are working on adding more to this site. Thank you for your understanding.
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Ambergris Oil 2 dramAmbergris Oil 2 dramOur Ambergris oil plays upon the nature of subconscious, and is greatly useful by its self, or in spells and rituals that work with those senses. Use it to enhance and direct psychic ability, or in rituals and spells rooted in psychic ventures, helping to bring the subconscious to the attention of the conscious. You can also use it in rituals and spells involving dreams, whether you are seeking to direct their path or simply as an aid to better divine their meaning. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure anointing oil, blended with natural oil bases such as almond oil, for external use only.
Anise essential oil 2 dramAnise essential oil 2 dramThis Anise Essential oil is among the purest and highest of quality oils, having been crafted in a process that draws the oil directly from Anise. This makes our Anise Essential Oil a powerful, wholly authentic oil that will easily lend its fragrant aroma in which it is diffused or be used as an anointing oil for your ritual tools, adding the imbued qualities of Anise to your magick. This makes it particularly potent when you are working a spell that has to do with protection or purification, with Anise being a great aid in these kinds of magick. It is also quite potent when added to divination magick, particularly when you are seeking clairvoyance or other such qualities within your seeking. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure essential oil, for external use only.
Apple Blossom Oil 2 dramApple Blossom Oil 2 dramOur Apple Blossom Oil draws upon the same serenity one experiences when witnessing an orchard in full bloom, with fragrant blossoms stirring with every wisp of wind. In ritual or spells, one can find it greatly useful in trying to create peace of mind and draw happiness into your life. Standing alone or used in ritual, our Apple Blossom oil can also be used to craft a general sense of contentment. Representative of the astrological signs of Virgo and Cancer, our Apple Blossom Oil also makes for a powerful addition to your rituals, allowing you to draw upon the properties and powers of those two signs. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure anointing oil for external use only.
Basil Sweet (India) Essential OilBasil Sweet (India) Essential OilBotanical Name: Ocimum basilicum Plant Part: Leaves Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Origin: India Color: Pale yellow to amber color liquid. Common Uses: Basil Essential Oil can be used to clear the sinuses, promote digestion and stimulate circulation, especially in the respiratory system. It is prized in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to strengthen compassion, faith and bring clarity. Aromatic Scent: This variety has a sweet vaguely anise-like, mint, smoky odor. May irritate sensitive skin. Do not use during pregnancy.
Bayberry Oil 2 dramBayberry Oil 2 dramOur Bayberry draws upon the essence of the plant of the same name, bestowing it with some of the properties and power found therein. This makes it a potent aid in a great many spells and rituals involving protection and control. Use it to help keep negative energies at bay or more completely harness the energies you wish to direct. Find it helpful in warding against curses as well, or in controlling and binding others; whether you wish to aid them or have some other intent.
Bergamot Oil 2 dramBergamot Oil 2 dramOur Bergamot Oil is most commonly used by itself, or in spell and ritual, as an agent to aid in lifting one's spirit and chasing away depression. So too is it commonly used in rituals intended to attract money and wealth. More traditionally, Bergamot oil can be used in rituals, to compel and command, giving one power over another. Whatever your use, Bergamot oil is certainly a potent aid to your spell. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure anointing oil, blended with natural oil extracts, such as almond oil, for external use only
Blueberry Seed OilBlueberry Seed OilThis Blueberry carrier oil has a wonderful, subtle, sweet blueberry smell; beneficial aroma-therapeutically and therapeutically. Conditioning and moisturizing, this oil is not greasy and penetrates quickly. Perfect for a rejuvenating massage or skin health.
Breath ClearBreath Clear
Carnation Oil 2 dramCarnation Oil 2 dramOur Carnation Oil draws upon the essence of the flower of the same name, bestowing it with some of the properties and powers found therein. This makes it a powerful component in spells and rituals for healing, or where one seeks a greater strength and protection. Use it to increase the potency of your healing spells and rituals, or in magick where you seek to become stronger, body or mind. As an agent of healing and strength, it also makes a formidable addition to that magic wherein you are seeking to protect yourself and others. This is a great oil for you if you're seeking to improve your life, or that of another. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure anointing oil, for external use only.
Chamomile OilChamomile Oil
Dragon's BloodDragon's Blood
Dragon's BreathDragon's Breath
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